Kids at Distribution
Devasted School
Students walking to their school after the earthquake.

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HHH, is an organization established in February 2015 under the provision of IRS article 501c3 to provide support to the needy people devastated by numerous massive earthquakes in Nepal. Realizing the need of earthquake victims, who are forced to live in the shelters and have no future certain destination to achieve, HHH has approached them with support. In order to meet their education related deeds, which should be upmost priority of concerned authorities there has not been seen any significant progress of rehabilitation programs and many children in villages in the rural areas are still beyond their educational needs. We know any society cannot make substantial progress without proper education. Many educational institutions have been derailed and facing financial hardship to continue education for their children.

Despite various pledges made from various sources towards reestablishing the educational institutions, providing them proper basic needs there is no substantial progress in the rural villages yet. It is still unclear when the students will be fulfilled with their basic needs.  There is no infrastructural development work has yet been started, no one has yet clue of it.

HHH founder members are closely related to those villages where earthquake has made rampant damages. They are well aware and observing the difficulties local community.

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