Our Missions and Purposes

It has sole objective of providing financial as well as materialistic assistance to the needy people of Nepal due to massive earthquake. HHH, in cooperation with government organizations as well as local agencies, wants to build schools and provide educational materials to those needy students who are prevented due to basic needs. It aims to work with people and families with urgent needs of basic materials in all parts of the country hit by earthquake and enable them to the point of their autonomic financial independence.

Here are the primary purposes of the organization:

  • Himalayan Helping Hand will be a non profit organization established under the IRS provision stated 501c3.
  • The organization will promote, preserve and educate Nepali culture, festivals and languages for the Nepali community residents living in Southern California, USA.
  • Will provide necessary humanitarian support to the needy individuals or families of Nepalese community residing in Southern California, USA.
  • Will provide support to rebuild educational institutions affected by massive earthquakes occurred in Nepal in April 2015.
  • Will provide support to needy groups of children who can not complete their education and sports due to lack funding or poverty in Nepal.

Peoples Involved:

Executive Committee:

Chairman and President: Mr. Kapil Prasad Adhikari

Vice President: Mr. Karna Bahadur Chand

General Secretary: Mr. Hari Prasad Panta

Treasurer:  Mr. Govind B Chand


Executive Members:

Mr. Uttam Jung Thapa

Mr. Uttam Adhikari

Mr. Siddhartha Silwal

Miss. Shusma Panta